Today (2010)

Hassie is playing in several groups with very divers musical styles!                              

Check out the Biography-My Story page for information about Me and my HistoryHassie-Biography_-myStory.html

At this moment though, the focus& attention are mainly reserved for the Global dancefloor act, “Sinas” : Global Explorations (cd1) and “intergalactic Freedom (cd2) !!!


Danchall hippies that combines Salsa bottom, African style groove, Dancehall dubb rhythms,

Free improvisational Jazz vibes and Arabic melody.

The influences of the individual players, makes this band the rawest, most Funkie bunch of freaks of the Amsterdam region! Grooving like hell in a old school Modern style. Original !!!!

Experience learned us that all kinds of people (youngsters&granddaddies, blinksters and 70ie stylers,

music lovers&dancers) started to move, and applaud, and finally yell, in the hot of the moment.

A positive movement...thtz what it =

                  As new projects keep on poppin’ up

                                             and old ones keep on going.

                                                          a little fact history will now follow:

        Overal musical career       

1986t/m1989:      De Bumpbabies (P-funk collective)

1989 t/m 2000:De Parels & de Funkie Reddingsbrigade  (dubble dutch Funk)

1998 t/m 2000: Afrika Sabu Njouma (Guineé (West African) percussion)

2000 t/m 2001: Fote Ca Ba (W-African dance & percussion)

1999 t/m 2001: Duo Hygiene (environmental lounge music)

1998 untill now:African Dance Circle (W-African dance & percussion)

2000 t/m 2002:  Zuco103 (brasilectro) (*)

(*) Highlights Zuco 103: Heineken crossover award/ Heineken nightlife (Ahoy), DrumRhyhtm festival, Womex 2001, Parkpop, Lowlandsfestival, Festival Mundial, Arena marrying ceremonie Alexander en Maxima. Montreux-jazzfestival, North-Sea jazzfestifal (Capetown + The Haque), Glastenbury festival, Trans musicales de Rennes, Sfinx festival (belgie), Coleur Cafe festival (Brussel), Jazz a Vienne and tours in France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italie, United Kingdom, Danmark, Swiss, Canada... Skopje (Macedonia), Praag, Istanbul, New Orleans, Ilsle the Reunion,  Berlijn, MonteCarlo, Disneyland (FR) etc.. )

projects  2003/2004:

Rizky Rough                                (raw hiphop formation)

Ninkoe                                         ( sweet sound malinke)

Kuifje in Afrika                             (West african Percussion group)

DaSoulOrlean Soldiers                (soul band)

Mandelectric                                (culture mix Guinee meets Amsterdam)

Percussie in uitvoering                (theatre percussion project)

de Funkie Fanfare                       (Afri-Fanfare)

The Groovie Dune Brothers        (Homegrown grooves with Boot, Guan Pabli and Plastic Bob)

Intergalactic Dancehall Reunion (ScienceFiction multimedia project with Peeko Woodstone & Plastic Bob)

projects  2005/2006:

Tarhana start (*); a rendition of ancient traditions and modern danceable grooves and jazz music. Anatolian melodies

                              are reinterpreted and redesigned for the present generations of dancers and listeners.


Mokumfoli (reunion of the Afrika Sabu njouma familie)


Slagwerk in Uitvoering

Friday Dub Sessions (play of Root standards and psychedelic Afro beat grooves)

(*) highlights TARHANA: Besides concerts in well known places as the Bimhuis and theatre the Evenaar and Rasa, this group played twice at the Oosterpark-ROOTS festival in Amsterdam,the hashi-ba festival, Sail. Queensday 2006 was celebrated at the Royal Dutch Embassy in Jordan. Besides theatre and club shows, the group gave concerts and workshop at schools and (Palestine) camps.

    September, a second launch to this region was realized. With great enthousiasm, the band toured to Lebanon (They where the first international group since the last war with Israel), Syria, and Jordan. Workshops in Damascus, for the “Higher Institute for Music”,   and school concerts at camps and very high qualified schools as well, helped to establish personal and musical ties. An interesting exchange of musical knowledge and human perspectives happened, that re-pictured the images and ideas, that are daily burned on our eye’s by television reports.

In 2006 a tour was done in Tunesia at several music halls (see movie-clip Tarhana in bands page) .

In 2007 a tour to India-Rajastan has been launched. Played at the jodhpurfolkfestival in collaboration with Rajastani Gypsy musicians, the first gig was broadcasted nationally on Indian TV.

projects 2007:


Mali blu




Chaishop-jams in de Rookerij

Slagwerk in uitvoering (Trash-can percussion)


In Oktober 2007 a tour to India -Rajastan has been done.

2008 I quitted the band. A strong pull of the African continents styles of music made me choose, to give up the playing of the amazing Balkan-Turkish music that this beautiful group performs! Thank you are the bomb!

I hope the CD will bring good reactions

projects 2008:




Slagwerk in uitvoering/Tambora


The Dune-tunes (the newest recording’s sessions at the dune-tune studio)

projects 2009:



Slagwerk in uitvoering/Tambora


The Groovie Dune Brothers (the newest recording’s sessions at the dune-tune studio)

projects 2010:



Dune-Tune-Brothers (acoustic)

Hassanikie & The Dune-Tunes

Global DanceLab (a crossover project in which Oriental dance-Flamenco and West African Dance are mixed)





Check out the Biography-My Story page for information about Me and my HistoryHassie-Biography_-myStory.html


Do you love Soul Funk Reggea and African music......keep on groovin’ babies, it keeps yo spirits up !!!!!!!!!  : ) !!!!!!!!!!!!!              

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