PS: Dune comes from the dune tunes that had their origin in Tunes of the Dune,  rooted in the early 90-ie night-space experience in Castricum/Bakkum-Noord. Hassie Dune came into existence and directly psychedelic Tunes popped up! 

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HAS Bangert / Hassie Dune  (14-12-69)

                        My Story

Hassie (Dune-Tune) Bangert: Rhythm & Groove on everything that Sounds!

Starting in the early 80-ies, the end of high school meant the beginning of an intense study of drums (conservatorium A'dam/R'dam).

However, besides the deepening of my musical knowledge (in the jazz tradition) and the study on technical improvement on drums, what really asked my full attention was the musical Culture of Funk!  I got hooked!!!

Deeply touched by P-funk tunes and the colorful moods & lifestyles, so characteristic of this music scene (George Clinton, Bootsy Collins, The Horny Horns, Sly Stone, and all other musicians part of that enormous movement), I decided to leave the school-yard  (a skip of focus from a “stiff” environment that “worships” technique to a loose smokey reality, that has great eye for inner feeling and expression!)

    In fact; the combination of the earlier offered musical knowledge and the new uploaded ideas of musical awareness, were the perfect ground for the seeds of my own artistic signature. An extensive period of playing and recording (The Bumpbabies) took place

    During the 90-ies however, the bass guitar fully stole My (Hassie') heart and soul. The drumkit made place for the strings. Has (Flits) & Drec (Vonkel) & Pabli the 1st, gave birth to a group “The Parels en de Funkie Reddingsbrigade”. The Lowlands were toured, and  the P-funk party’s in the Paradiso, (a project of the Parels and Marcel Wouters)  became a hit!

Interest in Culture and a wish for cultivating my mind (after my focus on music alone) brought me at the University of Amsterdam. I began my study Cultural Anthropology, which, after 4 years of reading and understanding, gave me the opportunity to do a fieldwork period in Africa. This definitely broadened all my ideas about music and life.

I researched the meanings and values of the Malinke Music Culture in Guinée

(West Africa). Traditionally, djembe & dundun drums are being played at most important social events in this region.. And still the drums sound loud outhere.

Although the knowledge of ceremonial playing (the ritual use of the rhythms & the specific rhythmic phrases that are part of each rhythm) seems to be lesser known by many of the players nowdays. Often musicians from different tribes. It is the powerful sound of instruments & rhythms (ancient and modern) still played by all this drummers, that keeps this music culture alive, nationally and internationally.

For me, the expressive interactive reality of the drummers & dancers and audience, was really an eye opener. An atmosphere starts to exist, in which  people easily socially connect with each other. Beautiful

During this research, lesser known instruments such as the bolon (African bass) and the n'goni (African harp) and the krin (spit drum), were revealed to me.

This instruments, by their sound and playstyle, inspirated me (once more) to see

the art of music as energy thang, rather than as a techniqual art. I learned to feel & understand music as vehicle to share expressionial energy with people wanting to connect. My Style, (+) expressionism (positive express.) was born ( :                      



After this scientific musical voyage, I was asked to accompany the just formed group Zuco 103 (Brasilectro stylie). Three years of international touring followed (*)

Since 2005, I started to carry over my musical knowledge as a teacher. Besides lessons “Rhythm & Groove” at the British school of Amsterdam, a site was created by Jeanine Theunissen (Dancer, Sculptural Artist, Organizer and my lovely wife) to promote all kinds of workshops. The “AfrikaCentrale” as communal internet platform, made it possible for me, to perform for, and to play with, all kind of people.

Persons aged between 8 and 100,  from different backgrounds and with even more divers perspectives (clients of big companies, employees of Governmental ministries, school children as well as people of Mantel zorg-welzijn (elders and their care takers) further widened my ideas about the positive Power of music (*).

The creation of happiness as well as co-operation established in workshops is of great worth. People actively joining and connecting with each other, and by so, make way for a social communicative party..................I call that MaGiC!!! 






In 2005 a new musical track started its way. Oriental-Balkan flavored Tunes became a new focus of my musical horizon.

    I was asked by Sjahin During to part take in his new project (that became known as Tarhana). New sentiments and moods had to be experienced to be able to hook up with this new group. Gypsian and Turkish melodies and rhythms placed in Drum & Bass, funk and jazz texture! In the 3 years that followed, concerts were given in Holland and Belgium, but also in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Tunis and India.

Collaborations could happen, that “coloured” my perspectives very positively!

    Besides the amazing musical cultures that I experienced during this trips, the meeting and working with all kinds of people from this beautiful country’s helped me to re-establish a balanced idea about fellow humans in this  part of the world! The broadcasted image today of this regions is; terror, danger, enemy, etc...

Negative loaded vibrations. Happily thes brainwashes were easily washed away when I in reality entered a world of friendship, colour, and interest.

In 2006 besides this Anatolian experience, more and more, I found ways to combine

my different musical paths.  To be able, to blend my West-African music knowledge (and instruments) together with all other musical bagage, was a dream to come true.

N’goni sentiment, and Bolon power alternated with dubbie reggea spirit and a whole lot of Funky Vibe. Oeeeeeiijjjjoeeeijoeeiiii

This performances of all kinds of styles, forms, melodies and backgrounds is, what music is about for me. Simply the BESS

Check out the Playdates page if you like to visit one of the concerts

(To“hear” what I’am talkin’ about!)

In 2006 I hooked up with club Sinas. Wouter Shueler (saxophone), organised a jam to give form to his ideas. A style, best descibed as “Global Dancefloor Music, got it’s way to the stage.Since then, people from all over, are activated to dance and enjoy music.

At this very moment a Second cd is worked on, and a reputation of “wild” live act, is being hold UP.

    The Title of “Sub Bass Warrior” , as back in the days, is truelly livin’ in me again. Mainly because of Sinas-Front of house mixer “Zash”

(truelly; princess of Sub, with her one-liner: “Sub needs to be seen” ),

I’m able to express my feelings because of the bass I play, the bass-stack I’m plugged into (ThXs to Rits!), and the way the PA-people amplify this all.

Zash is lightnin’ up my path.

What I thought to be possible, more and more seems to be realized.

A warm, deep, low sound that touches and scratches the Soul. Sometimes mean and distorted, sometimes full force whah-in’, and then soundin as a bass synthesizer

                Oowiiie do I love this instrument

Hangin, itchin’, pushin’ ....all directions...powered up positively, by the Law of the low frequenties


The mix and mingle of knowledge, instruments and effects, result in an original  idea how sounds and performance can effectively function as an intermediary between artist and audience. Raw sound and positive stage approach are Hassie’s todays basic ingredients!!!!

Dune-tune Action

After years of playin in dance classes (West-African), and playin with groups of all colours and  directions, it is time to come out myself.

Many Dune-Tune’s have been recorded in the emperor-homestudio, in the last 10 years....and now they need to be performed on-stage

The Dune-Tune-brothers (acoustic) project will have its first TRY-out in June

Hassanikie & The Dune-Tunes (a little later)

keep yourself informed (play dates/live performances).

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